5 Ways Canva Will Accelerate Your Business

Hey! Welcome back and if it’s your first time here I’m Megan. The question I get the most as an entrepreneur is “how do you do it all”. When we are building our brands and businesses it all falls on us at first, until we reach the point of building a strong team. Canva is one of the biggest assets that I have in my business and every entrepreneur I talk to gets to hear about Canva. So today I’m breaking down 5 ways that Canva will accelerate your business.

Canva is a game changer for any business, content creator, social media influencer, basically anyone anywhere. Canva makes it simple for people like me to create amazing content with little or no graphic design experience. They offer so much to work with and so many different templates and elements that there is no end to what you can create using Canva. I’m going to keep it short and sweet this video and just focus on 5 ways that Canva will accelerate your business.

Ok lets get to it so you can start accelerating your business today!!

1. Background Remover – this is one of the easiest feature to use that Canva has to offer. You can use one of your own images or images that they already have in their elements. Literally with one click you can remove the background on any image. Why is this important?? Creating content can be a long process and this simplifies it. You can repurpose images in unlimited ways. And if the one click remover doesn’t work absolutely perfect you can use the Canva erase or replace tool to clean it up. Place your photo on a graphic background, color background, or place yourself in a whole different country. You can do all of that right in Canva. The best part about it is its super easy and super fun.

2. Magic Resize – when I first started posting on social media and creating content it was definitely not my best work. I thought I could post my IG stories as IG posts, Facebook posts, Pinterest pins and everywhere else. I just accepted the fact that some info was cut off on certain things and let it be. Basically it was a mess. I didn’t know to look up what sizes work best for each piece of content I just did it. But then….I found the magic resize feature on Canva and I don’t have to worry about that anymore. I’m taking my same content and resizing it so it works on all platforms. The craziest thing about it, Canva has all the sizes figured out for you. You just click what you want to turn the content into and boom now it’s resized for you. This saves so much time for anyone that is posting any content on multiple platforms.

3. Smart Mockups – whether you have a physical product like clothing or wallet or digital products like web design or digital planners Canva has a smart mockup for it, and not just one mockup template but plenty of them. You can literally take your design and throw it on a mug, t-shirt, computer screen, tablet screen, phone screen, whatever you want and now you have a professional way to market your product. The fact that Canva offers this is amazing. You don’t have to purchase mockups, or download some kind of software to make mockups you can do it all right in Canva.

4. Brand Kit – I don’t know if I can express how amazing the Brand Kit. It makes designing so easy. You are able to save all your personal brand aspects in one place. If you watched my video on Building Your Personal Brand, you will know that having brand colors, fonts, and a logo are huge parts of the key to success. You can upload your logo right into your brand kit so you can easily add it to any design that you are working on. Brand colors are super important for brand recognition, Canva has pre-made color palettes that you can use or you can create our own from scratch and it will be saved right into your Brand Kit. You can also add as many color palettes as you want. And finally brand fonts. You can add fonts for your headings, subheadings, and body. That way when you are designing your fonts are one click away. You don’t have to scroll through the list or try to remember which font you liked so much that you used a month ago, its literally right there. This feature is absolutely amazing and will accelerate your business through brand recognition. One last thing about the Brand Kit, you can create multiple brand kits, so if you have multiple businesses or if you do design work for clients you can save everything in its own brand kit.

5. Content Planner – social media content is the biggest marketing tool and that’s something that I don’t see changing anytime soon. The problem with social media content is it takes a while to create, and then you have to remember to post, and post often. Welp, not anymore!!!! Canva has a built in social media content planner, and you can add multiple social media platforms. Yes I know other platforms and apps offer content planning features but one of the reasons I love Canva’s content planning feature is the layout. I can click on the calendar and not only see the days that I have content scheduled but I can also see the actual content. So this way I can see at a quick glance the colors and layouts and which platforms have content scheduled for. You can post to a Facebook page, Facebook group, IG story, IG post, Pinterest, twitter, wherever you can imagine they offer it. Again a huge time saver.

I know you are ready to sign up for Canva Pro and take advantage of all of these amazing features. You are about to accelerate your business. The greatest part of all of these features and Canva in general is you are about to save so much time. That time that you are saving with the Brand Kit, Content Planner, and Magic Resize alone is going to give you so much more time to focus on your actual business. So get ready because you’re marketing and business are about to grow!

Disclaimer: This page includes affiliate links. If you click and purchase, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I only recommend tools that I actively use and completely believe in.

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