Personal Branding is the Key to Success

Hey! Welcome back to my blog and if it’s your first time here I’m Megan. As entrepreneurs creating our brand can be challenging at first. I speak to a lot of new and aspiring entrepreneurs about where to start, is it with your brand colors, your logo, your website, your social media, the list goes on and on. We all want to create and build a strong personal brand that has an impact and achieves the goals that we set for our business. So in this video I’m going to talk all about your personal branding and how important your personal branding is for you to succeed in business.

I was watching a video recently and they said you don’t have to be original but you do have to be authentic and this has stuck with me ever since. For instance I focus on helping other entrepreneurs start and grow their business and also do Canva tutorials, and I am definitely not the first person to do either of these two things. There are a lot of entrepreneur coaches, and many that do content creation and knowing that can scare people away from pursuing some of their own dreams.

Building a personal brand can be hard and confusing at first not knowing where to start, whats important, why is it so important, how is your personal brand different from you. I’m going to give seven examples of things to easily build your personal brand and make sure you set your brand apart from any other brands in your industry.

SO why is your personal brand the key to success? You personal brand will be the thing that will set you apart from any other business. I want to dive in to a few examples of easy things that you can do to build your personal brand. 

1. A motto or catchphrase – if you watch YouTube and a lot of different content creators there are always a few that have nailed this. Whether its a 3 word intro that starts off everyone of there videos, or a hashtag that they use, finding this catchy phrase can really have a huge impact on your audience. One of my favorite content creators starts off every video with “Hey, Howdy Hey”, its super catchy and if I hear howdy or hey howdy anywhere else I think of her. Now, you also need to make sure your motto or catchphrase fits you. I would sound crazy saying Hey Howdy Hey before all of my videos, it’s not something I normally say so it would come off very awkward.

2. Know Yourself before Picking an Audience – this is probably the most important part of your personal brand. Your personal brand is YOU, you aren’t trying to watch other content creators and do exactly what they do since you see they are successful, they are successful because they are authentic. Figure out who you are and what drives you and thats how you build your personal brand. I absolutely love helping entrepreneurs, and for a long time I have just done it for free. I love showing people there’s more to life than just a 9 to 5, showing people, especially woman, all the benefits of being an entrepreneur and building your own brand. And since I knew this was my passion I knew this was what my brand and business was going to focus on. I don’t have to try to be someone else or mimic what other people are doing because this is me.

3. Branding colors – colors are so important, they have the ability to change people’s moods and feelings. By choosing the right color palette for your brand it will capture your audience and set the tone for your brand.

4. Brand fonts – you can choose 2-3 fonts that all look good together so that when your are posting on social media, printing flyers or marketing materials the fonts are always the same. That way when someone sees these fonts they are more likely to think of you. Choose fonts that go with your brand personality. You don’t want fun, casual fonts if you are building a very serious brand.

5. Logo – your logo is that quick snapshot of your brand. You want to incorporate your brand colors and fonts into your logo since this is what people will see most. Logos don’t have to be super fancy or detailed they just need to capture exactly what you want the world to see your brand as. And if you don’t already have a logo make sure you check out my video on creating a logo for free using Canva.

6. Brand personality – your brand personality gives your audience a feel for you and your brand, it lets them know if you are the right person for them or if there is someone that communicates to them better. The brand personality is captured by all of the things above and your own personality. For example, I am a somewhat quiet person, soft-spoken, and pretty calm person. It would’ve been a horrible idea for me to use bright, flashy colors and big bold text for my brand because that doesn’t fit with me. And there are going to be some people that will relate better to the big bold and flashy but thats not the audience that I would attract, and I would be doing them a disservice portraying that with colors and fonts and not giving that through my videos and personality. 

7. Professional Pictures – professional pictures are so important on so many different levels. First pictures allow people to connect with you, especially if you are a coach or content creator your audience wants to feel like they know you. If you have a website or intend on getting a website I would say definitely have at least one branding photo shoot done so your audience sees how professional you are. Another huge reason for professional photos is the shoot itself. Whenever I have a branding photo shoot it gives me this wave of confidence, I know I’m a professional, I know I’m serious, and I’m going to take over the world. Find an outfit that you are comfortable in but isn’t just your usual. The professional pictures will show your confidence and demands the respect you deserve as an entrepreneur. I’m going to leave a website in the description for my branding shoot photographer who has captured all of my branding shoots. If you are in the Maryland area definitely check him out, and mention this video for a discount on your branding shoot!

You should feel much more confident in building your personal brand now, and you may have even realized you have done one or two of these things already. Take the time to really plan out the feelings you want your brand to show to your audience and start getting to work. If you are having trouble with fonts, colors, and logos check out some of my Canva tutorials and that will definitely give you a head start on building your personal brand.

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