My 7 Favorite Digital Products to Sell to Generate Passive Income

So you know I love making income digitally, especially passive income. And let’s face it, we are in a digital world and it’s only getting more digital. So making passive income with digital products just makes sense. And the best part is you can make digital products with a lot less overhead than most small businesses.

But before I get into the specific products let me rewind for those of you that don’t know what a digital product is, and don’t worry I didn’t know what digital products were either a few months ago. 

A digital product is something you make one time Digital and people can purchase it and get it instantly via email or digital download. Digital products arrive faster than Amazon Prime. It’s my favorite way to make money, and you can make as much money as you want. People are making a few hundred a month all the way up to six or seven figures annually.

The most important part before you start deciding on what digital products you are going to create is knowing your ideal audience. Are you trying to create products for teachers who are teaching virtually, moms trying to get organized, trainers that want to provide their clients with gym schedules and meal planning, whoever it is just figure that out first so you can make sure all of your products will fit that audience.

One of the greatest things about digital products is that it doesn’t matter your design expertise, there are so many resources that will help, even a person with no design background can make great income with digital products.

Ok so now that you have a better understanding of digital products lets get into my top 7 products to generate amazing income. I’ll save my favorite for last.

  1. PDF Documents 

            PDF documents are super easy to create and are so beneficial. They can be simple one page PDF that will help make life easier. My favorite PDF documents are checklists, wedding checklists, moving checklists no matter what it is they are super helpful for the customer. I don’t know about you but when I was planning my wedding they last thing I had time to do was create a checklist but paying a few bucks to buy a pre-made checklist was well worth it.

2. Lightroom Presets

            So I’ll be honest if my husband wasn’t a photographer I probably wouldn’t know what Lightroom is. But Lightroom is a photo editing software, and you know we all want our pictures to look amazing. But the crazy thing about Lightroom is now they have a mobile app so Lightroom isn’t just for professional photographers anymore it’s for all of us! But just because people have the app doesn’t mean they know how to edit or have the presets. Presets allow customers to get certain looks on their pictures quickly and with minimal effort.

3. Workbooks

            I love workbooks, I purchase them for my kids, I purchase them for myself. It’s the perfect product for someone like me that likes the step by steps for getting from A to Z. And workbooks can be created for any audience whether it’s teachers, entrepreneurs, kids, fitness coaches, workbooks are the perfect tool, and like the PDF documents, they make people’s lives easier and saves them time by breaking down step by step and guiding them along the way.

4. Document Templates

            Document templates are great. They are easy to share, you can share the document right in Google docs and the customer can make a copy and customize it as they want. Spreadsheet templates are one of my favorite document templates, creating spreadsheets can be a pain especially if you are not familiar with the software. You can make anything, from a goal planning spreadsheet, content planning spreadsheet, or business planners.

5. Digital Art

            Here is one for all of my creative artists. Digital art is only getting bigger, just look at how popular NFTs are getting. But as far as a simple passive income product you can create all types of products. Printable wall art can be created and sold and it gives the customer the flexibility to be able to print the art out on the exact size and material that they would like. This also means that you are not responsible for keeping an inventory or products or having to create the same product over and over again. Another huge digital product is screensavers for phones. Everyone wants to add their own personal touch to their electronics and are willing to spend a few bucks to do it.

6. Digital Planners

            The market for digital planners is great. Most people are carrying around an iPad or tablet instead of a briefcase full of planners, documents, extra pens, etc. Creating a digital planner that’s fully functional on a device that your customer is already using is a win/win for everyone. You can write right in them like a regular planner and they are priced cheaper than a physical planner. If you are willing to take the time to learn how to create digital planners this a great product to get started with or add to your digital products.

7. Canva Templates

            Let me tell you a few reasons why I love Canva templates so much. First you can get a Canva account for free, that means you can begin creating with no upfront costs, and trust me starting a business in other markets can be very expensive. Canva makes it really easy to learn and there are a ton of tutorials, check out my Canva tutorials playlist on YouTube for some helpful tips.

            These templates save your clients a ton of time and if your clients are running a business saving time on things so we can focus on our actual business is top priority. Ok so what kind of templates am I talking about, social media templates, like Instagram posts, Instagram stories, YouTube thumbnails, to name a few. You can make media kits and you can also turn individual products into bundles to simplify things even more. So yea, Canva templates are great!

So I know I talked about a lot in this post but you should be ready to start making digital product and feel confident doing so. So go start making this passive income!

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